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Case Studies

The following case studies explain why eWealthGlobal was selected to deliver one or more services.


A well known UK retailer with a wide range of services offer travelcard and sterling card services to their large and loyal client base. In branches clients are able to pay funds directly into their card accounts via a cashier, and exchange currencies to benefit for competitive foreign exchange rates. Cardholders can use their cards at point of sale and ATMs around the world. 


To replace the existing card scheme with a new VISA branded Prepaid card solution, delivering at least the same benefits that the cardholders benefited from currently, whilst modernising the branch workflow of managing the card scheme and master accounts.


Engaging with eWealthGlobal the UK retailer not only delivered a more modernised system in-house to manage the card scheme now and for the future, but also benefited from a more versatile card solution for their clients, such as additional cards on same account, segregated funds, online account access for clients, instant free movement of funds etc...

In addition the in-branch management application delivered real time account balance control for client and master accounts, instant debit / credit and transfer functionality, together with a number of client friendly services, statement print off, client information management, all of which is further supported by a experienced phone based support team.

The delivery of a new system and branded VISA Prepaid card scheme also led the UK retailer to benefit from a new and improved wholesale exchange rate that resulted in a new 'one stop' website for its clients. The scheme also offered further potential to other parts of the business in relation to clients loyal and point rewards scheme, and discount schemes to groups of clients with bespoke spending habits.


A well known leading independent corporate business with offices worldwide, delivering audit and tax solutions through to outsourcing and a wide range of advisory service to a client base that includes large local and multi-national companies, private enterprises and individuals, funds and investment structures and public sector entities. 


To create a hub for generic services for each office and for their client base where foreign exchange and payment services would be automated saving the office and the clients time and money. To create better reporting tools as a group to cover the foreign exchange and payment services.


After a lengthy process of vetting possible service solutions from a number of providers, the client engaged with eWealthGlobal to deploy the eFX Solutions platform who delivered training to each office worldwide. Not only did the client as a group benefit from the foreign exchange and payment services but they were also able to extract detailed reports at group and office level giving them that extra bit of Intel they required.

In selecting eWealthGlobal, the client was impressed by the level of transparency the platform offered, the real time rates to the second function and the ease of use of the platform for users. Later they commented that the deployment of the solution and the detailed training seamlessly fitted in to group and led to users high take up of the platform worldwide.


A large global corporate proving offshore management and administration services to a high net worth client base worldwide. One key service is payroll administration delivering salaries to employees worldwide.


The initial challenge was to reduce the overheads in relation to the delivery of salaries, this was very much focused on reducing bank charges.


Opting to partner with eWealthGlobal, not only did the corporate reduce the costs in delivering the salaries by at least 65%, but also benefited from a reduction of administration time dedicated to the payroll run. Using the deployed eWealthGlobal system​ also simplified the authorisation workflow of payments, keeping it clear and simple to process payments whilst retaining overall control.


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