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Jersey - International Finance Centre

Thursday 01 August 2013

Jersey, at 45 square miles (118 square km) in size, is the largest of the British Channel Islands. The Island is located 85 miles (135 km) south of mainland Britain and 14 miles (22 km) from the coast of France.

The population of 97,857 (as at the end of 2012) includes some 12,470 professionally trained staff working within finance and support industries.

It is in a central time zone that covers the closing of business in India and Greater China and the opening of business in the US.

Jersey has been able to deliver the ideal business conditions for international finance bolstered by its unique constitutional position.

Although Jersey’s allegiance is to the British Crown, it is not a part of the United Kingdom and is not represented in the British Houses of Parliament. The island’s domestic autonomy has been preserved via charter and convention through 800 years of English history.

As a result of that unbroken constitutional position, Jersey proudly possesses its own democratically elected Parliament, which has consistently maintained responsibility for domestic affairs including fiscal matters. Jersey also operates its own judicial system, which is based on common law principles.

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