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Expense Cards

Using expense cards puts your business in-control of spending, saves you time, money and paperwork.

Managing business expenses can become a continuous drain on time and resources. Issuing and managing expenses cards to your employees not only delivers centralised control, but will also save your business and your employees money. 

Great benefits:

  • Administration - Expense cards reduce administration as any expense is recorded on the online statements. 
  • Centralising - Managing all your expense cards via our online login gives you real time balance summary and aids the reconcile of expenses.
  • Reduce Costs - Credit and debit cards at will, reclaiming funds that haven't been spent. Use our USD and EUR to save on international payments.

So if you have employees travelling locally or internationally and they have the requirement to cover the general travel cost such as hotels, meal and daily transport costs, look to use expense cards as they are the most efficient method of managing expenses. 

Expense cards are also great for:

  • Petty cash replacement
  • Paying for services over the phone or on the web for GBP, EUR and USD services or goods
  • Travel expenses locally and internationally
  • A general office expenses card
  • Client entertainment expenses
  • Booking business venues 


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