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 A selection of client testimonials relating to our current services.

As global travel experts we always aim to offer products and services that are of real benefit to our customers. eCash has already enjoyed excellent success in the UK as a safe and cost effective alternative to cash/credit for our customers to spend abroad. We are now planning to extend the card to Germany to allow even more of our customers to enjoy the benefits of the travel card – Travel Specialists

We moved from using the banks for FX to eFX after completing an audit on historic trades, as it was apparent that the rates we were charged by the banks were higher than we expected. We as a company benefit from not ringing around banks, transparency of costs, together with consistency in rates from eFX Solutions. We are also very pleased with the eFX team, who have proved to us that they are working on our behalf and in some cases helped us save even further costs, either on particular FX trades, or internally helping us manage this area better through our systems. We are happy to recommend eFX Solutions to others – Corporate User

Just to advise we completed two FX trades from CAD to EUR/GBP, through the online platform, and as part of our policy got two quotes for the trades, one of which was our current bank. Pleased to state that we saved over CAD2100 in using your online platform. We found the quoting tool very useful, saving us time, and good to see that as promised we can see the exact time the transaction occurred – this will resolve an in-house issue we were looking to deal with, as we now have a full record that is date and time stamped. Many thanks – Corporate User

We just completed our first trade, and transferred AUD to GBP using the eFX platform. A massive saving of plus $800AUD on a small transaction when compared with our Bank rate. Fantastic! – Personal User

We go to France every month and I used to go to my bank and wait while the cashier counted out wedges of notes, then walk to the post office to change my Pounds to Euros. It used to take up most of my morning and I was always nervous about carrying that amount of money on me. Now I can order my cash at home from my PC using eFX, the rate is better than the bank and it is delivered to my eCash EUR card. Excellent service - Personal User

We save over £100 every time we travel. It’s amazing more people don’t change money this way - Personal User

It’s great to go online to get my foreign currency sorted quickly knowing that I’m getting a good deal with eFX. It is really easy to use the platform from my IPad, and credit my eCash card, I avoided any of the fees I would have been charged for using my bank card abroad - Personal User

Recently sold a property in South Africa, and looked to move the funds via the banks, who quoted a ridiculous exchange charge, advised by a friend to use eFX Solutions, got a quote which was 10% of what the banks wanted, exchanged and moved the funds in less than two minutes using the platform – funds in my account two days later, used since to pay deposit on villa, have since started using it through our business – Highly recommend - Personal /Corporate User

Created an eCash account for our son, who studies abroad, we find it ideal for crediting the card each month with fund for him to live off, this help us and helps him budget better over a shorter time period, and we benefit from knowing that his money is secure and easy to access – Great idea for parents with family studying abroad – Personal User

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