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In today's fast moving environment, commercial decision-makers require fast and effective access to information and when that involves the unregulated world of FX, 'smoke and mirrors' from financial sectors is one thing they can do without.

Opening an eFX corporate account gives you and your team direct access to a 'state of the art' online eFX platform that is user-friendly and highly efficient. It places the world of foreign exchange transactions directly in your control, removing some of todays financial 'hurdles'.

The platform is simple to use and enables you to buy and sell currencies in four easy steps, authorise at different levels, make multiple payments, check current and existing trade information and assess live mid market rates to the second.

Working with you we agree your team authorisation rights, and the levels of trade you require. Based on your requirement we hardcode an agreed matrix in place that ensures that the rates supplied are consistent every time you use the platform – all are dated stamped to the second.

Who should use the corporate account?

Well the answer is any business that does business overseas, be it to pay invoices for goods, payroll runs in a foreign currency, or just transferring monies between your business accounts (on behalf of yourself or your clients) – eFX Solutions can save you time and money whilst delivering consistency in pricing.

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