Specialism in focus: Crew payroll

March 15, 2022

We work closely with businesses that manage payroll for employees who are based across the globe, many of which are aircraft, cruise liner and yacht crew. We specialise in managing bulk and cross border payments, delivering these via our intuitive digital platform. Users of the platform can manage multiple accounts with one log in, creating time savings when processing payments from multiple accounts on the same day for international payroll.

Key benefits of partnering with EWG to deliver international payroll:

  • Option of a multi-currency account for each individual crew or one account for the fleet with their own unique ‘own named’ single multi-currency IBAN
  • Deliver and receive funds in up to 38 currencies with payment type options relative to the currency
  • We use payment authorisation controls and control of SWIFT payment tier - SHA, OUR, and tier levels, avoiding correspondent charge deduction where possible

Our easy to use platform allows for a fantastic range of functionality adding value for clients and helping teams work more efficiently. Functions include:

  • Future dated payments
  • View-only access to third Parties (if required)
  • Bulk load and validation function (import data): for loading beneficiaries' payments
  • Instant currency management
  • Instant transaction push notifications
  • Instant download/import of account data to host systems

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