Cross-border payments made easier

May 24, 2023

When you work with international clients they expect you to be able to manage their international affairs reliably and securely – and more often than not that will mean making significant numbers of cross border payments on their behalf and within exacting timeframes.  

At EWG we make sure our clients have the ability to make as many large or small value cross border transactions, in varying currencies as they need to. Our service allows clients to transact quickly, reliably and securely, using only multi-currency accounts. At EWG we can process transactions to and from more than 212 countries, in more than 38 currencies, with more than 85% of our clients’ payments being received by the beneficiary, regardless of which country they’re in, within one hour.

We understand what clients need most from a trusted digital payments partner because we listen. Our payments and FX platform has been designed specifically for the fiduciary, funds and corporate services sectors because that’s our area of expertise and it means when clients tell us about the challenges they face, or new requirements they have, we understand because we talk the same language.

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