What our clients say about us: Trustmoore

August 3, 2022

Client: Stefan Sluijter
Position: Director
Company: Trustmoore

When did you start working with EWG?

What prompted you to establish the relationship?
Introduction via a new employee that used to work with you at his previous job.

Is EWG your preferred banking partner?
One of our preferred bankers.

What are the benefits to you and your clients of using EWG?
Outstanding client service, easy to use platform and very straight forward onboarding procedures.

What aspect of the service/platform do you value most? What element of the tech is most valuable / useful to your business?
Easy to use online platform.

Was the power of the tech/the client platform surprising?
Not the power but the straight forward way of using.

Why would you recommend EWG?
EWG is a dedicated payments partner for CSP’s that are looking for service providers that understand our business and related needs. The outstanding customer support and onboarding procedures make them stand out in this market.

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